Austin : January 2004 Google Update

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A portion of the sites that haven't been hit excessively hard in :

Google's Florida update (November 2003) got hit genuine hard on or around January 23. Google's most recent redesign is called Austin, and they are starting to "sound" like decisions!

Contingent upon the industry you happen to be in, you could have been hit less, or harder-it hinges on upon an entire number of variables and not one scenario is normally the same. One of our customers that, up to as of late had their site improved by an additional Seo firm was totally crushed to understand his site was gone from the substance of the earth.

Things, for example Ffa's (Free for All) connection ranches, concealed content (!) and stuffed meta tags that are 20 screens since a long time ago, loaded with futile spam will have your site punished, or even banned speedier than you can eye flicker an eye.

Google's new look calculation is getting more quick witted and better. Part of it is because of the Hilltop Algorithm, which I expounded on at the starting of January. In combo with the Page Rank™ calculation that Google has been utilizing since 1998, these two algo's work in pair in what should be preparing better, more pertinent query items.

This final explanation stays to be tried, as in a few cases Seocutts have discovered that a percentage of the outcomes prepared are not dependably significant. Be that as it may Google+ is persistently tweaking and 'fine-tuning' its engineering to bring about a noticeable improvement and the following not many weeks might as well see more enhancements. 

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