Buffy : June 2007 Google Update

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Peviously in the year 2006 ,We read Suppemental Update.This may be recognized a continuation of the June 2007 Google Update yet it has now been given a name. The Buffy redesign, as it is presently gotten keeping in mind Vanessa Fox leaving Google, is as of now underway.

Yes, Friday we reported a Google Webmaster Link Tool June 2007 Update however we now have a more nitty gritty string at Seocutts portraying major query items updates at Google.com.

Seocutts Admin clarifies:

After Update Jagger, which ready the path for Google's new Big Daddy framework, the progressions and movements to the Serps come so regularly that we haven't brought an Update in over a year. Rather, we've been attempting to watch the Serp updates in a continuous, month to month string that movements with the unpredictable move, pitch and yaw of the exceptional boat Google. 
  Anyhow something truly major is presently running on with the Google Serps. Parts are reporting major updates in the single word indexed lists, generally especially, yet loads of different things are blended up also. On one of my single essential words, I've recently passed wikipedia (definitely!) and jdmorgan reported the same for one of his pivotal words. 
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So now is the ideal time --we are authoritatively proclaiming Update Buffy. We'll start with later posts from our June Serps Watching string. What do you see going on?

So why name it Buffy? Wouldn't it be great if we could say its in distinction of somebody who just left her occupation however knows a ton about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We've never run with somebody's formal name for a redesign. Tip of the cap to reseller, goodroi, and jdmorgan for their information. 

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