Google's Panda Dance: Matt Cutts Affirms Panda Takes off Month to month Over 10 Of 30 Days

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At Seocutts Blog, Matt Cutts, Google's head of hunt spam, proclaimed that the Panda calculation is even now being upgraded harshly each month, yet that upgrade is taken off gradually all through the month. It is like a Google Dance, yet thus, a Panda Dance.

What happens is Google will run the upgrade on a specific day, we should say on the 4th of the month. At that point Google will gradually prod out that effect over 10 days or somewhere in the vicinity all through the month. Google will regularly rehash this cycle over month to month.

Google said in March that they will quit publishing Panda overhaul on the grounds that they were to a greater degree a moving upgrade. By moving upgrade, Google implies that it is pushed out month to month, however pushed out over a 10 day cycle or something like that.

Why are we calling it the Panda Dance? Back in the early days of Google, Seo's were fixated on the Google Dance. In those days, Google pushed out month to month Google overhauls, and Seo's viewed the Google server farms to see the rankings move. 

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