Supplemental Update : November 2006 Google Update

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Peviously in the year 2005 ,We read Personalized Search & XML Sitemaps.It appears the more Google discusses the supplemental list, you know the outcomes in Google that are marked as "supplemental," the more confounded Seos may be, incorporating myself. Here is a picture of what a consequence in from the supplemental record may take a gander at.

Ordinarily, there comes about just show up for exceptionally darken questions. Why? Since, a supplemental by definition, fits in towards the once again of a novel and it just improves any missing parts of a complete story. So first you might get comes about because of the essential file and after that the supplemental list when all is equivalent.

Anyhow voyaging through the gatherings as of late, it gives the idea that Google is attempting to give off the feeling that the supplemental file is nothing awful for your site. Inasmuch as, all master Seos used to and some as of now, call the supplemental file, the indication of demise as far as your site standing in Google).

A Search Engine Watch Forums string is named "supplemental not awful consistent with matt cutts?" And you likewise have this tremendous 17 page string for in the ballpark of two weeks back that is still exceptionally dynamic at Seocutts interfacing to Adam Lasnik's Google Groups post named The thin on the supplemental file.

Adam clarifies;

1) Penalty? The point when your site has pages in our supplemental file, it does *not* show that your site has been punished. Specifically, we don't move a website's pages from our essential to our supplemental list according to any violations of our Webmaster Guidelines.

2) Freshness? You can hope to see a fresher supplemental record in the nearing quarters. By the meaning of "supplemental," in any case, I don't forsee it coming to be as thorough or oftentimes redesigned as our primary record.

3) Cure? Get more quality backlinks. This is a crux way that our calculations will see your pages as additional important to hold in our principle list.

Alright, first two are extraordinary Google-like reactions, Imo. In any case to call something a "cure," sort of intimates that there is a major issue with being in the supplemental list.

At Pubcon, Matt Cutts and Vanessa Fox both said that the supplemental record is not an awful thing. In any case right a great thing? Not terrible for who?

I might love to catch an absolute ace and con on the supplemental record from Google.

Discussion discourse at Mattcutts Forums & Seocutts.

Overhaul: There is an other string at Seocuts named Supplemental Results: What precisely are they where Adam Lasnik of Google presented on yesterday where he said;

Pages are in the supplemental effects on the grounds that we still needed to have the capacity to demonstrate to them to clients, however the pages didn't have enough Pagerank to make it into our primary record (which is more broad and upgraded with more stupendous recurrence).

Getting more *quality* backlinks is usually an exceptional approach to of your pages in the prevailing list.

Still, there is a considerable measure of perplexity on this. 

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